Nov’s Singapore Savings Bonds offer 3.21% average yield – highest since 2015
By betterspider  •  October 3, 2022
November's Singapore Savings Bonds (SSBs), with codename SBNOV22 GX22110A, are yielding an average of 3.21% over the next 10 years - the highest in years as interest rates continue soaring. The interest rate each year is as follows:
  • Interest rates are now above 3% every year
  • This is higher than CPF OA (2.5%) and current FD rates and bank cash deposit rates
The issue details are as follows: Why SSBs Singapore Savings Bonds offer an almost risk-free, liquid alternative to cash with a higher interest rate offered by the Singapore government. They can be redeemed at face value at any time, with roughly about one month's lead time to receive the actual cash in your bank account. Compared to current bank rates which still have not kept up with rising global interest rates, lending money to the Singapore government offers a good alternative to keeping your money in your bank account. However, there is a limit of $200,000 for each individual....
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By betterspider

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