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Are you stressed about your finances since the interest rate hikes started?
By Singaporean Talks Money  •  December 4, 2022
With interest rates still increasing although it might not be as aggressive, debts and loans repayments have increased at a rapid pace as the interest rates are being adjusted meaning repayments are higher than they were when interest rates were low. Couple that with layoffs and people being worried if they will be the next one to be axed, the stress on finances and job security can be heavy. Even for fresh graduates, the job openings are not as many and budgets are also comparatively smaller than 1 year ago especially so for tech companies as they will try to cut costs and increase the productivity with a smaller pool of staff. A recent article from Straits Times covered an OCBC survey and found that debt stress levels are up for Singaporeans as investment returns fall but Singaporeans are not saving enough for crises. Survey results The OCBC survey was done in August with 2,182 working adults between the ages of 21 and 65....
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By Singaporean Talks Money
I am currently a 23 year old university student in SIM. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. I became interested in investing when I took a gap year and worked full-time. I realized that by just saving, it was very difficult to achieve my financial goals hence i read up on investing.

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