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Savings accounts’ interest rates tracker
By The Cash Cottage  •  December 7, 2022
Interest Rates Tracker Spreadsheet The current inflationary environment has caused many banks to increase their interest rates, one after the other. It is getting harder to track which bank has the best interest rates suitable for you, so I have come up with …. DRUMROLLa simple interest rates tracker! Contents Why all that effort? Can’t I just leave my money in my savings account? Can is can la. But your DBS/OCBC basic savings account earns only 0.05%, losing to the inflation rate of 6.7% (long-term average of 2-3%). You are losing purchasing power without realizing it. So, you know what to do now right? Don’t let inflation eat away at your hard-earned savings, keep it in a high-yield savings account or other platforms such as...
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By The Cash Cottage
I am a 26-year-old “Young” adult, working and doing part-time University studies. My story started when I came across the topic of personal finance at the start of this year. After the banks reduce their interest rates, I poured my time and effort to look deep into saving and investing my hard-earned money. I believe many young adults who are stepping into the world of adulting are as lost as me when I first started. My inspirations come from Youtubers and fellow financial blogs, for which I am very grateful for their guidance and now I would like to pass on the knowledge. I hope that this blog will help you in your quest for FIRE and make smarter, informed financial decisions.

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