Ranking of financial markets in 2022. My observations
By Market Observer  •  January 1, 2023
Ranking of financial markets in 2022. My observationsTo help me track financial markets in a customized format to my liking, I developed websites(1, 2, 3, 4, 5) available for free on this blog. Here are the results for 2022. Top ranking of stock indices in 2022 (USD-adjusted). Source: The ranking of the stock indices is adjusted to USD. An investor can make good gains but the gains can be lost from a depreciating currency. Investors cannot ignore currency movements. Ignoring them will lead to a distorted reflection of the purchasing power made from their investment gains. 2022 has been a sea of red for stocks worldwide, as can be seen from the year-to-date performance of global stock indices. It is an achievement if you managed to break even this year in your stock portfolio. Straits Times Index(STI) is the pride of Singapore in the terrible bear market of 2022. STI is ranked 3rd in 2022,...
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By Market Observer
I have more than 15 years of navigating stock markets. Did the markets make me rich? I humbly admit I have rich experience in losing money but managed to earn back enough to not be stressed out over money today.

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