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Where will all the laid off tech workers go to? | Are we at max pain already?
By Singaporean Talks Money  •  March 5, 2023 I saw this video from CNBC where they talked about tech companies having to lay off substantial numbers of employees due to them hiring excessively in 2020 - 2021. We all know what is going on right now in the tech industry with cost-cutting measures and layoffs are probably a huge part of it. It is no surprise that tech layoffs are on the rise. With the current economic situation, companies are scrambling to cut costs and layoffs are one way to do so. The impact of the layoffs is being felt around the world, with tech workers being let go from their jobs in the United States, Europe, India, and beyond.  ...
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By Singaporean Talks Money
I am currently a 23 year old university student in SIM. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. I became interested in investing when I took a gap year and worked full-time. I realized that by just saving, it was very difficult to achieve my financial goals hence i read up on investing.

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