T-Bills Auction on 16 March – Will interest rates cross 4.00%? Better Buy than Fixed Deposit or Singapore Savings Bonds? Must buy with CPF-OA?
By Financial Horse  •  March 11, 2023
Next T-Bills Auction is on 16 March 2023! Interest rates on the 6 month T-Bills have been creeping up steadily since early Feb. And this week, Powell all but announced a reacceleration in interest rate hikes – a good chance of increase from a 0.25% hike to a 0.50% hike at the next FOMC. So… will we see the next T-Bills auction cross 4.00%? And with the sharp drop in bank fixed deposit interest rates – are T-Bills a much better buy than Fixed Deposit right now?           

What is the expected yield on the 16 March 2023 6 month T-Bills?

SGS Yields – 3.94%

The 6 month T-Bills trade at 3.94% on the open market.

MAS Bills – 3.96%

The latest 12 week MAS Bills trade at 3.96%. These are institutional only products, which give you a good idea...
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By Financial Horse
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