[Profit] +17% Gain On The Icahn-Hindenburg Trade
By Investment Stab  •  May 24, 2023
I made a trade 3 weeks back when Hindenburg Research published a paper accusing the legendary activist investor, Carl Icahn, of running a Ponzi scheme with his listed investment vehicle; Icahn Enterprise L.P.  (IEP). Background Story On 2nd May 2023, Hindenburg Research published a paper online accusing the investor Carl Icahn, of running a Ponzi scheme and overvaluing its underlying investments to prop up the share price. IEP stock crashed from $50 to $32 (-36%) within 2 days of the paper's release. Recommended Read: Trevor Noah Explaining CPF Analysis I took notice of the massive dip and immediately thought if a short-term trade could happen in this scenario. I went to look up the previous 2 companies that Hindenburg had released a short report on - Adani Enterprise and Block Inc; and noticed a trend. Adani Enterprise -53% within 5 trading days of the short report released on 25 Jan 2023....
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By Investment Stab
We are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance. As we dive deeper into this area in search of more knowledge, the more debates and differences we have. We also realised that financial literacy is not strongly inculcated in the younger generations, leading to numerous costly mistakes. Some of such includes believing in "high profiting" scams such as land banking and buying unnecessary investment schemes which are often motivated by the salesperson's personal interest ...

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