Is the Crypto Summer Back?
By Dr Wealth  •  July 11, 2023
The crypto industry has gone through a rather tumultuous time over the past 2 years, with one bearish catalyst leading on to the next. Using Bitcoin as an “index” for the crypto industry, we can see that volatility has raged on as Bitcoin crashed by about 75% from its all-time high of about $70,000 to lows of $16,000 before gaining some momentum to $30,000 which is where we are today. And we can see this in Bitcoin’s chart. At the point of writing, Bitcoin has 2x from its $16,000 lows which supports my thesis that we are already in the midst of some form of “crypto-recovery”. While we certainly need no introduction to the events that unfolded, I want to bring the recovery of the crypto industry to your attention. If you had wished you got in earlier las...
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By Dr Wealth
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