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[Credit Card] Earn Miles Cheap With CitiBank
By Investment Stab  •  July 13, 2023
Citibank launched a Citi PayAll promotion in April 2023. For every dollar spent via Citi PayAll from 20 April 2023 to 20 August 2023, customers who pay a fee will enable the amount spent to be eligible to earn miles/points + bonus miles/points. What is Citi PayAll? Citi PayAll is a service offered by Citibank in Singapore that allows Citibank credit cardholders to make payments to various recipients using their credit cards. It enables customers to pay for expenses such as rent, education fees, taxes, and insurance premiums, which are typically not payable by credit card. The service is free to use to pay for these items. However, for a small fee, customers can earn rewards, cashback, or air miles on these credit card transactions that they wouldn't have been able to earn otherwise. It essentially provides customers with the convenience of using their credit cards for a broader range of payments, thus maximizing their credit card benefits....
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By Investment Stab
We are a group of Singaporean students who are curious and interested in Finance. As we dive deeper into this area in search of more knowledge, the more debates and differences we have. We also realised that financial literacy is not strongly inculcated in the younger generations, leading to numerous costly mistakes. Some of such includes believing in "high profiting" scams such as land banking and buying unnecessary investment schemes which are often motivated by the salesperson's personal interest ...

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