Random thoughts: Flashbacks
By Sillyinvestor  •  August 3, 2023
Flash back 1 When I was perhaps 6? My elder brother had a high fever in the night. My mum brought him and I to the 24 hour private hospital at balestier. When told it will cost $60 to see the doctor, not including cost of medicine, my mother just left. On our way back, my mother keep scolding my elder brother. I thought to myself then: why wasn't my brother health more important than money? I figured out perhaps, she didn't have more than $50 with her then, she must be also very frustrated. Flash back 2 Since I was in my lower primary school days, my dad has been in and out of hospital. He had his first heart operation when he is just over 40 years old. I remember the rather solemn and sometimes worrying atmostphere at home....
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By Sillyinvestor

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