Aug2023 Finance update – Monthly Dividend/Interest received $10K
By GlobalPassiveIncome  •  September 8, 2023
Aug2023 Dividend/Interest received from my investment and retirement account is about SGD $10,468. This is the third consecutive month when my monthly investment income tops 5 digits. Dividend and interest income were collected from more than 26 over counters and ETFs. This is as good as getting paid almost everyday. Investment Portfolio YTD gain including dividend dropped to 3.9% and liquid net worth YTD gain also dropped to around 6.85%. This drop is expected due to ex-dividend date. Trade in Aug. I only increased stake in 2 LSE counters BATS and LGEN. Their dividends are very attractive at >8%. It was a good opportunity to add HKSE in Aug as HKSE index plunged again. However, I am fullly invested in HK/China market and will adopt wait and see as it has been too volatile for my liking. I also added another 10k of SBB as its interest went above 3%. While the stock markets presented a lot of opportunity to average down cost price,...
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By GlobalPassiveIncome
Started fixed income investing with the aim of collecting consistent dividend and interest monthly while protecting my principle capital. I invested mainly in reits ( local and overseas), MLP (overseas) , US bonds and preferred stock (or perpetual shares). For my overseas investment, I spend quite some time researching securities that will avoid withholding tax. Currently achieved 62K annual dividends and interest. My target is to achieve SGD100K or USD75K passive income before I retire in my early 50s.

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