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Taiwan’s low wage university graduates
By Singaporean Talks Money  •  September 10, 2023
I came across this documentary on Taiwan youths by CNA. It explores the low wage situation in Taiwan for fresh graduates as 54% of their youth (aged 25-34) have university degrees hence tougher competition and coupled with declining growth in the country, SMEs (small, medium enterprise) are not willing to pay more as there is an oversupply of labour that can be taken. Many of the individuals interviewed worked multiple jobs with some being part-time or full-time. To add to the tough situation of low wage, many of them come from other cities to work in Taipei and need to pay for rent which is a huge recurring cost. Rent takes up a huge proportion of their salary hence resulting in them not being able to save money at the end of the month. The Taiwan's Ministry of Labor (MOL) unveiled the average starting salary at between NT$24,000 (US$808) and NT$47,000 (US$1,245) for working-age graduates in 2021....
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By Singaporean Talks Money
I am currently a 23 year old university student in SIM. I hope to be able to grow my money and see the power of compound interest. I became interested in investing when I took a gap year and worked full-time. I realized that by just saving, it was very difficult to achieve my financial goals hence i read up on investing.

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