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Propnex A Value Play- Is Spore Property Prices Correcting?
By Something About Finance  •  October 16, 2023
Contributed by: The Big Fat Whale
  • Propnex is trading at a PE of 11 and a dividend yield of 7.6%
  • They have the largest amount of agents in Singapore
  • Earnings have fallen by 18.8%
  • Propnex Price has dropped 32% from their peak
  • They have an impressive Return on Investment of 37%
Propnex has been a stock on our radar due to its great return on investment metric. Sadly, we have missed the good run that they had over the past 2 years. So with the recent correction in price, is it turning into a value play? The stock market is a forward-looking proxy for the economy. Is the recent weakness in the price of Propnex an indication of a correction of Singapore Property Prices ahead? We did an article on a likely property crisis in late 2022, and we still hold to the view that our thesis is valid. We will dive into the different elements to hopefully unearth some useful insights....
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By Something About Finance
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