Weekly Wrap-Up: Fed Rate Pause, T-Bill Down, Oil and Gold Price Slump
By SG Money Matters  •  November 13, 2023
Welcome back to our Weekly Market Wrap-up, your go-to source for the latest financial insights and market happenings. Our Weekly Market Monitor provides topical commentary on the financial markets, highlighting a chart of the week and upcoming key economic events, in addition to a review of performance across asset classes and sectors. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what’s recently shaken up the financial world.

Fed Rate Rollercoaster

So, the Fed kept the benchmark federal funds rate steady between 5.25% and 5.5%, déjà vu from the last meeting. But this time, the market threw a little party, cheering up from a 3-month slump. Singapore T-Bill yield also slumped to 3.75% in the latest bidding on Nov 8. But here’s the twist: the strong reaction might not be all sunshine and rainbows. That’s now what the Fed want to see. Powell had to step in to “clarify” that the Fed isn’t...
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By SG Money Matters
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