I’m Single And Own A 1 Bedder Investment Condo In River Valley: Is It Better To Sell To Bigger Property Further Away Or A Resale HDB?
By Stacked Homes  •  December 29, 2023
Hi, It is me again. You have kindly given me valuable insights in 2021 and now being in a dilemma again, I decided to write to you. I have been following private residential property news (including stacked homes) and I noticed that CCR price increase has been lagging. Now with the cooling measures and the money laundering issue, it makes matters worse (both rental and capital gain) and I am wondering whether I should continue to pay the high interest cost or just sell the small Irwell unit that I have. As mentioned below, I have bought a 1 BR in Irwell and I am again thinking of selling it next year after May when SSD is no longer relevant (after 3 years). TOP is still a while away, in 2025. I bought it for investment but it seems like the outcome may not be so positive after all. I am actually thinking of selling this to buy either a bigger Condo unit in...
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By Stacked Homes
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