Dec2023 Finance update – Monthly Dividend/Interest received $8.59K and YTD Total=$122.49K
By GlobalPassiveIncome  •  January 4, 2024
Dec2023 Dividend/Interest received from my investment and retirement account is about SGD $8587 and YTD investment income received is $122K. The annual investment income collected hit ATH as my dividend/Interest growth for 2023 hit 34%. The amount of income received in 2023 also means I have hit 6 figures annually and 5 figures monthly on average for the first time. The huge increase in investment income was a result of reducing cash holding from 30+% to 12 %. Most of these cash holding were from my US retirement account from my previous job and they have been reinvested into higher yielding investment grade Corporate bonds and Treasury bill ETFs throughout 2023. Investment Portfolio YTD gain including dividend rebound strongly to 14.3%, YTD gain excluding div is 6.87%. This is the best monthly performance in 2023 as FED announced rate cut in 2024 and this boosted the overall stock markets. As a result, my YTD liquid net worth increase also hit 14.68% . Trade in Dec. I have continue to buy more bond ETF in...
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By GlobalPassiveIncome
Started fixed income investing with the aim of collecting consistent dividend and interest monthly while protecting my principle capital. I invested mainly in reits ( local and overseas), MLP (overseas) , US bonds and preferred stock (or perpetual shares). For my overseas investment, I spend quite some time researching securities that will avoid withholding tax. Currently achieved 62K annual dividends and interest. My target is to achieve SGD100K or USD75K passive income before I retire in my early 50s.

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