The Trifecta of Life: Navigating Time, Money and Energy
By Live Rich Life Free  •  February 26, 2024
Living the Balance: Time, Money and Energy Life is a precious journey woven from three intertwined threads: time, money, and energy. While we often chase these resources independently, true fulfillment lies in striking a harmonious balance between them. As time relentlessly marches forward, our vitality naturally declines like a battery nearing its end. While we can recharge through rest and sleep, our capacity for boundless energy diminishes with age. Money, however, offers a different perspective. Through dedication and hard work, we can accumulate financial resources by exchanging time for financial gain. However, the question remains: is reaching retirement synonymous with enjoying our "golden years" filled with leisure, financial security, and good health? The reality, unfortunately, is not so straightforward. As we age, our bodies naturally face limitations, including a decreased appetite and reduced energy levels. This is where the concept of financial freedom, achieved at a younger age than the traditional...
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By Live Rich Life Free
The purpose of this blog is for me to share my reinventions of how life should be lived and journal my journey towards financial independence. I believe that life is a story book. Each chapter contains 10 years of our lives. I am moving on towards mid 30s in 2021. As a nobody but somebody, I am in Chapter 4 of my story book. I hope to influence my philosophy of living a rich life freely and healthily with all of you. Embrace the future and empower freedom!

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