How to Open and Fund Webull Account (Complete 3-Steps Guide)
By  •  March 7, 2024
Are you looking to set up a Webull Singapore Account? The sign-up process is easy and it only takes you less than 10 minutes. However, sometimes we want a step guide to make things even easier. Thus, here we’ve have created a step by step guide for beginners to create your new account with Webull. Webull is one of the largest trading platform and it is one of the top Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS) regulated brokerage firms in Singapore. Personally, I find the user-interface of Webull quite user-friendly and simple to navigate, together with many free investing tools, I personally think Webull account is a good choice for beginners and seasoned investors. That being said, Webull offers 2 main ways for you to grow your wealth:
  • Securities InvestingGet started in investing with Webull by taking advantage of their low fees for investing in SG, US and HK.
  • Cash Management Account (CMA):
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