Update on my crypto positions
By Growing your tree of prosperity  •  March 12, 2024
I have written several crypto articles on this blog over the past year. You can find them here and here. This morning, as ETH hit over $4,000, I decided to exit all positions in ETH as I've managed to derive a significant amount of returns since I have a leveraged position in ETH in Compound V2. I clumsily closed my leveraged positions since I owed some DAI, then moved the ETH off-ramp on the Gemini exchange and converted the money to SGD. The losses from transaction fees were high, and I lost about $1k in the process, but the money is safely back in my bank account in SGD, and I made some excess funds for my trouble. When the Terra Luna ecosystem broke down, I could round up some spare change to buy LUNC when it was selling for around $0.000027. You can find a historical record of my thought processes then here. While LUNC is now trading at about...
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By Growing your tree of prosperity
I have recently completed my Juris Doctor and I am waiting to be called by the Singapore Bar. For the past 15 years I was an IT manager and I have worked in multinationals, financial exchanges, trade unions and even a government agency. I started my career as an AS/400 administrator and moved on to manage IT projects and operations

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