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The Multi-Job Hustle: How a Singaporean Navigates Overemployment in Singapore
By Retire by 50  •  March 13, 2024
In the past 12 months, the labour market has been shrouded with news around retrenchments and in recent weeks, the government has moved to increase the retirement age and re-employment age to give a longer statutory protection to senior workers who want to work longer. Essentially, most of my peers are trying to stay employed. In a recent Seedly event, I bumped into my friend, Stanley who I got to know through an ex-colleague more than a year ago. Contrary to most Singaporeans who typically hold a full-time job, he is overemployed, holding 4 fractional full-time jobs in 4 different companies. On top of it all, all his bosses are aware of his situation and approve of this. I could smell an interesting story from this so I arranged to have a 1-hour interview with him to learn more about his overemployment situation. So what does overemployed mean? For those new to the term, overemployed refers to the...
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By Retire by 50 is a personal blog about my journey to retirement by the age of 50. At 31, I am a typical white-collar Singaporean who works regular hours in a job while looking for other opportunities to make more money during non-office hours. This blog will discuss the hits-and-misses encountered during my journey to free myself from the corporate rat race. Will I get there by 2033? Stay tuned.

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