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[Post 413] #Adulting: Saving For Big Ticket Items When I’m Balancing Work And School | Money Mind | Gen Z
By Sonicericsg  •  March 20, 2024
Summary 19 year old Jian Ciaryl David juggles a full time job with going to school in Manila. How can she start saving for big ticket items that could help her live the life she wants?...
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By Sonicericsg
Hi everyone, I'm soniceric, my real name is of course not soniceric, it's just Ericsson :) The reason I name this blog as soniceric is a word play on the brand of "sony Ericsson" hence soniceric(geddit?) I am currently a 22 years old nsf who is about to ord soon and receiving a paltry ns allowance of $800 per month. To date, I have managed to save more than 10k and have already use the money for various purpose(emergency fund, peer to peer lending,posb invest saving and stocks, trading etc).

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