Tokio Marine TM Protect Cancer Review
By Singapore Financial Planners  •  March 23, 2024
TM Protect Cancer is a cancer insurance plan providing coverage against early and late-stage cancers. This means you can fully concentrate on your recovery without worrying about finances. This plan is renewable every year, and it’s intended for adults aged 30 to 65. You can keep this coverage in place until you reach the age of 85. It provides you with peace of mind by ensuring you’re financially supported in case of a cancer diagnosis during the coverage period. Here’s our review of Tokio Marine’s TM Protect Cancer. My Review of the TM Protect Cancer TM Protect Cancer is a no-frills cancer insurance plan that gives individuals a financial safety net upon a cancer diagnosis. In the case of an early-stage cancer diagnosis, the policy provides a lump sum payment of 50% of the sum assured. This payout allows you to explore additional medical treatments or options that may not be covered by regular health insurance plans....
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By Singapore Financial Planners
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