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How Much CPF Savings Do I Have?
By Sethisfy  •  March 31, 2024
When I first started working in my late teens earning S$6 an hour, it irked me tremendously that I only took home S$4.80 for each hour I toiled at the retail store as a salesperson. Teenaged me did not like the idea of locking up 20% of my income at all and certainly couldn’t see the relevance of CPF. That was half a lifetime ago and these days, logging in to my CPF account just to admire at my accumulated savings over the years is actually something I do from time to time. Well, as much as there is to admire anyway. I may be in my mid-thirties now, but I’ve been predominantly self-employed for most of my adult life and only started paying myself a salary around 2019. As a result, my CPF contributions span only about five to six years so I probably don’t have as...
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By Sethisfy
As an adult, I’ve been through many ups and downs in my career path and personal finance journey, not unlike many Singaporeans. From my years as a tied insurance agent turned independent financial adviser, I realised that there are very few sources of proper, unbiased financial advice for working adults to access. Worse, self-styled “financial consultants” are selling products like savings plans and ILPs to the detriment of the clients whose interests they were supposed to serve.

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