By: Adrian Khiat


ElderShield is an insurance scheme introduced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in 2002 to all Singapore Citizen and PRs between age 40 and 69 as at 30 Sep 2002 to provide financial help to those who are unable to take care of themselves because of severe disabilities.

Why Implement it?
It was projected that as many as 1 in 12 elderly persons will suffer from disabilities as a result of aging and illness and can make them incapable of doing simple everyday activities. These people need long term care which can be expensive and may require financial help.

Who is it for?
ElderShield provides cash payout every month to those who are not able to do 3 or more of the following Activities of Daily Living – washing, feeding, dressing, toileting, mobility and transferring.

My formula to remember the 6 ADLs?
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