Portfolio restructuring over the last 4 months

Photo by jared
Photo by jared

Partially divested First Ship Lease Trust(FSLT) into Pacific Shipping Trust(PST) on 29 June 2010

I can count myself ‘unlucky’ that FSLT had 2 of its ships returned prematurely and took a big hit to its total outstanding contractual revenue and just blame this on the ‘business’ risk. But looking further into the business to understand that the risk is actually much higher than I thought actually attributes more blame to myself. The high yield comes at a price that I sadly have to pay. Most of the contracts are made when shipping rates are over inflated and ships overvalued. When all things come crashing down, the odds are basically heavily stacked against FSLT. It is already fortunate that only 2 ships are returned. The only good news in this midst of this gloom is that the worse for shipping seems over. Though the global economy is still not on firm footing for full sustained recovery, at least the chance of another big recession is quite slim.

I have a habit of raising funds from one sector and putting them back there. Though this make no investment sense, but nonetheless, its just my preference. I decided to divest part of my FSLT into PST. PST also have simiar structure like FSLT but with a more sustainable distribution payout policy and loan repayment scheme. Its recent distribution accretive acquisition is the main factor that entice me to cross over. Though I’m aware that they do not yet have the funds to acquire them and most probably will require equity raising in late 2010 or early 2011, I believe the yield will still be higher post capital raising.

To put things in perspective. There are two deep cyclical sectors I’m vested, Shipping and Oil & Gas (O&G) Support. Both are still going through pretty bad storms (poor demand and oversupply of vessels) and no one can tell when the storm will blow over. But I’m pretty sure when the sunlight burst through the clouds, the returns will be good. No better time to invest other than bad times. Read more…

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