Below are data gathered from the World Silver Survey. Specifically, from the GFMS’s 2010 Silver summary report (done in beginning of 2010 and covers 2009 findings).


In 2009, the uses for silver are as such:

  • Industrial – 41%
  • Jewelery and silverware – 24%
  • Investment – 14%
  • Coins – 9%
  • Photography – 9%
  • De-hedging – 3%

Industry (trend = down) – Silver is the best electrical and thermal conductor of all metals and so is used in many electrical applications, particularly in conductors, switches, contacts and fuses. Contacts provide junctions between two conductors that can be separated and through which current can flow, and account for the largest proportion of electrical demand. The most significant uses of silver in electronics are in the preparation of thick-film pastes, in multi-layer ceramic capacitors, in the manufacture of membrane switches, silvered film in electrically heated automobile windshields and in conductive adhesives. Silver used …