Folks reading this blog would know that I got into HPH during IPO and turns out that this punt fell utterly apart when it crashed from IPO price of USD 1.01 to USD 0.95.

Bad Business Trust Share Performance: HPH Trust and Perennial China Retail Trust hph%2020110610%20share%20performance

Today the price of the business trust reached a new low at 86 cents. Business trust as an investment in Singapore is really about an extreme theme of sponsors dumping assets to investors like me at an obscene price.

Reviewing many business trust as compared to dividend stocks and REITs seem to point to a trend where they are unable to keep their share price above IPO price.

The lure of high yields proved to be too much at times, but as investors we stand to lose more in terms of capital loss after factoring dividends.

Today another business trust was listed. Perennial China Retail Trust, which provides a yield of 5.3% …