I am writing a review on the APF Expert Stock Screener, a product by AsiaPacFinance. They have launced a time saving excel based screener that aggregates analyst reports from multiple sources, giving investors and traders the key essentials to make investment decisions.

In a concise format, here are the key features:

-Choose from Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia market, just to name a few

-Investment bank and brokerage analyst reports are aggregated and compiled, providing a Fair Value Deviation ( % that represents how much the last traded price deviates from an aggregated Fair Value)

-Highlights if the overall analyst opinion is Undervalued or Overvalued

-Technical analysis % indicator that highlights bullish or bearish stocks based on a mixture of Ichimoku and proprietary perimetersClick here for the youtube introduction

The Good:

This is a valuable tool for investors and traders alike, because this handy screener removes the tedious process of looking through reports …