(Posted Saturday 2pm)

As you probably know, the major US benchmark indices are back in the black with a slight gain, despite the noises in Europe (Greece and Italy). US GDP Q3 and a few economic data fared better lessening US fears in global growth concerns.
As always, there will be continued volatility in global markets. BUT the main point to note is despite high volatility the lows and high are getting higher indicating a trend that is moving north, that is, RISK ON.

The following are the performance of other major benchmark in Europe and Asia Pacific (despite a ‘risk on’ in respective indices). Should markets turn back from ‘red’ to ‘black’, would the losses be potential gains?

Source: Yahoo/Charts/Interactive/Ytd.

As usual, work is done (no charge). I love to share information. I also hope the above is informative for your investment decisions, portfolio diversification and asset allocation.

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