The hunt is on.  To understand why the hunt is on, we need to recap on what have happened, especially for Wilmar (because on 27 July, we discussed 3 different perspective…and it all happened…so freaking scary. It is like we are the screenwriter, the movie producer etc…). To hunt or be hunted?
27 July 2012 (Fri) Wilmar closed at 3.280. In our 30 July discussion, we discussed the following 3 perspective:
1. From a range bound perspective, a sideway trading range may see 3.190 – 3.320. (Done. As shown on the chart, it happened before it crossed above the Median Line)
2. From a trending perspective, a move above the Median Line of Andrew’s Pitchfork may see the possibility of retesting 3.520; whereas a move below 3.10 may see the support level of 2.940 – 3.000. (Done. As shown on …