Today i added 10,000 shares of Perennial China Retail Trust (“PCRT” or the “Company”) to my SRS portfolio at $0.50 each.

I have been contemplating adding either CapitaRetail China Trust (“CRCT”) or (“PCRT”) for the last few days. At one time yesterday, i was thinking, why not add both instead. hahaha.
Anyway, back to the story of why i pick this sector and eventually chose PCRT.
Despite what people say about slowdown in China, my personal view is that China is still attractive in the medium to long term. The country may not be exporting as much as it want to but it has a very buoyant domestic economy that is likely to be sustained by the increasing middle class segment. They are going to spend money and the malls are probably going to be crowded in the foreseeable future. In addition, i have ‘less forex’ worries for RMB …