If you are a reader of my blog, you probably have heard of Muddy Waters and OLAM. Let’s look at the 4 charts of OLAM, NOBLE, WILMAR, GOLDEN AGRI .

Poor performance relative to local STI. In fact if you look at commodities asset class as a whole, most of them are performing poorly, with the exception of physical gold and oil.
Recall my post here in 2008 where I blogged about my investment philosophy. I wrote at one point on NOT investing in high volatile stocks and assets classes.

“I do not have high risk tolerance and will avoid investing in equities that are highly volatile in nature. S chips, penny stocks and commodities are almost out of my consideration. Unless I have strong reasons and have done due homework, I will not invest in them, at least in the near future.” SBC (2008)
I do not invest in (Read more…)