AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT is raising $30m in the debt market from the issue of unsecured 4.35% fixed rate notes in a private placement. This is the second series of such notes to be issued.

The first series of such notes was issued in August 2012 and was 5x oversubscribed. Those notes were at 4.9% fixed rate and mature in 4 years in 2016. That exercise raised $100m.

The second series of notes are to be issued on 5 Dec 2012 and will mature on 5 Dec 2019. The money raised will go to repaying a $28.8m secured bank loan due in Feb 2014.

There are improvements in the second series over the first:

1. The cost of debt is lower at 4.35% compared to 4.9%.

2. The tenor is longer at 7 years compared to 4 years.

These improvements are significant as they suggest that there is …