Beginning Investing–Understanding Stock Market Investing choose1

For a person interested in understanding investing with no prior training, it can be rather daunting. Questions on your mind is what is the stock market? How does it tie to the company? How do I earn a return? How to select stocks?

This live article will provide the resources for you as an equity investor or a dividend investor starts.

As an investor, you need certain primers to build up your knowledge on how everything interlinks.

Bill Ackman’s Everything you need to know about Investing & Finance in 1 hour

Bill Ackman is a hedge fund manager at Pershing Square Capital. If you want a 1 hour video on what is a corporation and how it ties to investing, this is the video to watch.

Bill Ackman – Everything You Need to Know About… by kyith

Topics covered:

  1. How does a business work, generates profit, raise capital and monetize …