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Gain More Insight ….

When you read on Sunday Times on Pg 41

“Invest, don’t leave cash idling in account.”

It may have triggered some people to start thinking on their investment decision on where to invest now.

Where to park some spare money in some high yield stocks of 6-8%?

Not too difficult to find. Right?

Go to? SGX REIT Data

Your Investor’s Positioning Matrix on Risk and Reward.
(Did Createwealth888 coined a new term called Investor’s Positioning Matrix?)

Is this new insight to you???

May be come next week, some retail investors will run out of patience in letting their cash idling in their bank account after reading the Sunday Times on Pg 41 and decided to hoot some spare cash on few S-REIT counters that come with 6 to 8% Yield on Cost.

This is what has happened on their Investor’s Positioning Matrix: …