I read with bewilderment that there are those in 20s and 30s buying units at the retirement village, the first in Singapore. All the 281 units were sold out within hours.

I am not sure if those 20s and 30s are shopping for a unit for their elderly. If they are shopping on behalf of their elderly. I would say they are quite sweet in providing lodging for their old.

I am not sure if there are rules to check the age of occupants.

My logical thoughts are: maybe there should be a minimum age of at least 45 of 1 occupant. 60 years lease, so they will be 105 years, possible but unlikely. Anyone younger might outlived it.

Second, the brisk demand will push up prices, is there resale restriction? It will be indeed very sad and unethical if a young flip the property for a profit at the …