An Example of Bad Property Advice

By Gerald Tay (guest contributor)

I can’t help it. I read some bad advice recently and have to say something. I’ll try to keep it positive, but my tongue is already bleeding from biting it. In Singapore, inflation is on the rise, but this one thing is still offered for free – advice. It’s really funny to observe people taking it so lightly. But only the advice that makes you profit in reality (i.e. real profit not imaginary) is good, otherwise it’s useless or even disastrous.

Most people don’t know the difference between advice from rich people and advice from sales people. Most get their financial advice from the latter — people who profit even if you lose. In this post, I explore why one recently written article by ‘experts’ (sales people in disguise) will prove disastrous for both average investors and home buyers. Your task is to look …