Frequent readers of blogs may want to pickup some books on blogging (Blogging for Dummies is a good start) if you are curious why some bloggers do what they do in their blogs.

For those who prefer reading stuffs online, you may want to google “Problogger” and you will find the granddaddy site of how to  make money by blogging.

The keyword here is if you are curious. Without curiosity, there will be no “automatic self-learning reflex”.  It’s back to the default setting of waiting for others to tell us what we “should be” learning…

Why should I? I’m not going to start a blog, or have any illusions to make money on-line.

Hold this thought.

If anyone has bought insurance in your early twenties, and knowing what you know now versus then, and you are honest to yourself, the reality is you have not bought any insurance at all…. Have you? Yes, you were sold to.

Would it have helped if you had read some books or attended a course on Selling? You would have known the “hooks” and “techniques” we salesmen use to reel in our catch. How we size up our potential customers and grade them instinctively into “easy” or “it’s a challenge” targets?

OK, the last comment is maybe more in the realm of consumer behaviour… How different groups react to stimuli.

How about advertising? Are you not curious how advertisers aim to attract your attention, arouse your interest and desire, and give you a nudge to displace your state of inertia into action?

Have you noticed property ads always portray a drop dead gorgeous lady model (never a housewife?) in a swimsuit, bikini, or plunging neckline/low-backed evening gown? The male models, if any, are merely props? Try recalling what the male model wore in the property ad!

Now, are these property ads targeting Men or Women buyers?

If you are a male reader, what buttons the advertisers are trying to press in you?

But I have no desire to work in advertising. Why should I care about what goes on behind the scenes?

OK… Evidently you have never caught yourself asking why am I doing this (buyer’s remorse)? And curious enough to look up to see what strings others are twiddling above you.

I can go on to other examples in politics, spirituality, sex. But you get the picture.
Now back to blogging.

Have you noticed why some websites are eager to give away “free” stuffs? (Go back to the first paragraph if you curious).

With the proliferation of “financial” bloggers and websites (which by itself can be an interesting market indicator), just thought its good to swing my little hammer onto the tiniest of bells – ding, ding, ding!

Talking to fishmongers and beer buddies about fish is not the same.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)