Life insurance for a child ranks to me as the dumbest Life insurance policy out there.

These policies are never bought; only sold to.

From one salesperson to another, must give a round of applause for these super salespersons – these are the ones who can sell ice to Eskimos!

Take a step back and press reset for a moment:

1. Are you a dependent of the child?

2. What is the coverage for?

a) To benefit from your child’s passing?

b) To pay for an elaborate and grand burial for all to see?

If your motivation is fear that your child may catch an illness or accident, wouldn’t a Critical Illness and/or Hospital and Surgical plan be better?

Or perhaps you want to give your child a better future, wouldn’t a Savings or Education Fund be better?

Of course you will never be sold Life insurance for a child by itself.

If you are a student of the recent sub-prime meltdown, you would understand the wonders of packaging and repackaging of financial products until everyone looses sight of the unsavoury bits.

What you really wanted were the medical benefits and savings plans for your child – your motivation is love.

What you never bargained for was as part of a set menu, you got something you never needed in the first place – greed and ego were never part of your motivations…

If you knew what you knew now, you would have gone a la carte.

Singapore Man of Leisure (welcome to my blog; just google it!)