An investor since the middle of 2012, I shared my reasons for increasing my investment in NeraTel by 10x in June 2013 and it is currently one of my most substantial investments in a non-REIT. This is an investment primarily for income but it also has a nice growth story.

Victor Chng from The Fifth Person attended NeraTel’s AGM last month and he made the following observations:

1. NeraTel is a high dividend paying company.

2. NeraTel’s payment solutions business is growing.

3. NeraTel is increasing its CAPEX.

4. NeraTel’s payment solutions are easy to scale.

5. NeraTel’s POS terminals accept EZ-Link and NETS.

6. Capital restructuring is highly unlikely as of now.

For the details, please read Victor’s article:
6 Quick Things I Learned From NeraTel’s AGM 2014.

With already a substantial investment in NeraTel, I am in no hurry to add to my position. I will instead …