This is long overdue!

More than half a year has gone by since I published this post on some of my favourite international blogs. They are really amazing but sometimes I do feel left out when they occasionally talk about 401Ks or really cheap cars (if only they exist in Singapore…). And you can’t blame them since we are just a small population of 5 million.

Over at those blogs, there’s no mention about Vicom, the perks of buying a BTO flat or introducing great POSB products. But then, that’s where I guess local blogs (like this one here =p) comes in. Nothing beats local flavours, eh?

So besides re-reading this blog’s posts, you can go to other local blogs I have described below to learn more about personal finance in Singapore and improve your own financial situation. None of them have paid me a single cent and they are also not there because they have agreed to scratch my …