I have blogged about how having passive income that equals our earned income over time will give us the option to work because we want to and not because we have to. I have also blogged about why there is a higher purpose to having passive income in our lives. Personally, I find all these reasons very persuasive and make working towards having a passive income stream in my life worthwhile.

Over the years, I have made contact with people who are not convinced. Some examples:

1. “I make so little money. Can’t save much. Invest so little, what is the point?”

2. “I have a very good career. I make very good earnings. I don’t need to invest.”

3. “Aiyoh, invest in stocks? That is gambling lah. I rather buy 4D.”

Have you heard similar statements before?

Actually, having passive income is also really a form of insurance. It is …