Last week, SIA made a financially substantial error, offering business class tickets at economy class prices. We take a look at this and other interesting cases of misprice in Singapore and around the world.

SIA: Premium Service at Plebeian Prices

For those who have been living under a rock in the past week, Singapore Airlines had mistakenly sold 900 business class “flight segments” at economy class prices via travel agents in Australia. The tickets sold were for destinations in Europe and Asia, and the lucky travellers who snagged the tickets could potentially save up to AU$2,500 (S$2,700). SIA initially told the affected travel agents and passengers that they would not be honouring the pricing mistake. The ticket buyers had one of three options: get a refund, pay the price difference or fly economy class.

Cue backlash and furore, as many on the Internet took up virtual arms, hammering …