On 26 March, I blogged about the Singapore Savings Bond (SSB) and during last night’s “Evening with AK and friends”, we talked about it too.

I am of the opinion that the SSB’s coupon is unlikely to be as high as the CPF-OA’s base 2.5% interest rate although it has been said that the coupon will be linked to long term Singapore Government Securities’ (SGS). If we look at the yields of the 10 years to 30 years SGS, they are above 2% to under 3%.

The SSB gives holders the flexibility of early termination without incurring penalties. Holders will not have to worry about price volatility if they were to sell their SSBs before maturity date. Bonds are supposed to be safer if held to maturity. With the SSB, there is no need to hold to maturity and will be equally safe. This is a big plus.

Of course, …