Share price: SG$0.225

Projected Dividend per share: SG$0.017 | 7.55% dividend yield

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Outstanding number of shares: 349 mil

The last time I noticed King Wan was some time ago when DMG came up with a report stating that King Wan, after the IPO of their stake in their Thai sugar subsidiary investment, now called KTIS, they would be able to sell all the shares, and slowly supplement their existing M&E business to provide a 10% yield.

Price shoot up from $0.20 to $0.29 cents.

Somehow, I always felt something is a-missed. When the share price have risen so much, after all the news, are there still value in Kingwan at $0.26-$0.29.

I gave up really, cause I am the lazy sort. There is just too much stuff to play around for King Wan. and that is why that DMG report was …