August proved to be another “high-expenses” month. Close to $5,000, which is easily at least $1,000 higher than the usual. I could point to two chief culprits:

The one week experience of spending holiday money in Singapore and of course, a new sofa (our saving grace was that it was a display piece).

Nonetheless, as I get more used to my new lifestyle of not having to report to an office (hopefully from now till forever) and that we are not planning for any holidays from now till the end of the year, the expenses should come down. When I am happier and have more energy, the willpower to resist frivolous expenses is really much stronger.

Keeping within $50,000 for this year seems like a reasonable target. We shall see in a few months’ time. It’s election season and guys, fiscal discipline is important.  ????


Eating Out: $1,104….