It’s been an interesting week, with the elections in Singapore. I am pretty surprised by the extent of the results, with this election being the PAP’s strongest in more than a decade.

DPM Tharman (Finance Minister) had the best speech by fair explaining the economic reality of welfare spending. I really recommend it. Just simple facts and logic of the matter. Politics at its finest:

BBC’s Stephen Sackur gets sucker punched by DPM Tharman at St Gallen Symposium (LINK)

Sackur: Do you believe in the concept of a safety net?

Tharman: We believe in a concept of support for you (people) taking up opportunities. So we don’t have unemployment.

Sackur: I believe in the sometimes simplicity of yes-or-no answers. What about this idea of a safety net? Does Singapore believe in the notion of a safety net for those who fall between the cracks of a …