When I turned 40 last year, suddenly it feels as though I am running out of time in life. I started wondering why I am running on a treadmill that no longer excites me ( I used to love my job ! ). I came across a video

shared by SGYI (http://sgyounginvestment.blogspot.sg/2015/03/a-rich-life-with-less-stuff-minimalists.html) and decided then to do a mini retirement test drive to see how well I could survive living on my monthly passive income, practice a minimalist life and work on things that truly excites me. Here are some highlights / lessons learnt from this mini retirement test drive  :


  1. Your colleagues and friends thinks that you are crazy when you retire too young.
  2. You will constantly be bombarded by friends/colleagues/headhunters who wants to push you back to the treadmill again. It is difficult to resist the temptations.
  3. Your friends who has never treated you before started buying you drinks …