The recent haze reminded me of one of my stock (read here).

Among all my stock holdings, the worst performing is Golden Agri. It is one of my earliest stock (read here), and have been holding the stock since Dec 2010 (read here).

I have watched share prices sink since 2010, and it is definitely not a stock for the weak hearted. Share prices aside, I have watch the fundamentals of the company deteriorated, and the debt level ballooned. In addition, earnings per share is negligible. All thanks to the slump in CPO- read here.  Palm oil prices have now hit six-year lows.

To add to the carnage:

  • Moody’s just recently downgraded Golden Agri (read here) in Sept 2015,
  • In May 2015 the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has asked Golden Agri-Resources to stop acquiring or developing new land until it is satisfied the company has …