If you ever visit Kandooma Island in the Maldives, bring your running shoes.

Not because there are wild animals with sharp teeth (tourists at the buffet table don’t count), but because the running is excellent. The sun rises at 5.30am, so you get to have an early start before photoshoot-taking couples in flowery shirts invade the beaches.

You roll out of bed, put on your shoes, and run.

You don’t have a place to go: the great thing about running on holidays is that there IS no goal. There’s no IPPT to train for, no timing to meet, and no destination to reach. Try the scenic route – the one by the beach, with the crashing waves to your left and coconut trees to your right. There’s a light breeze blowing, the sunlight is bright but not burning hot.

Meander. When you pass a path that looks interesting, you …